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windbg command

Wednesday, 25 August 2004
To list all modules loaded by the process -LM
(shows the loaded module address also)

: WinDebug thread commands

To see all threads ~
To freeze all threads ~*F
to unfreeze thread 1 ~1U
to set the thread ~S

copying to stl list
If destination is an empty list


copy(lstOfInt.begin(),lstOfInt.end(),lstOfIntDest.begin() ); -->WRONG
copy(lstOfInt.begin(),lstOfInt.end(),back_inserter(lstOfIntDest) ); -->CORRECT

CORBA - C++ Client (ACE TAO) Java Server (JacORB) A simple example

Step 1
I downloaded the binary relaease of JacOrb
Extracted the zip file to
E:\Program Files\JacORB-2.2.4\
Step 2
Then also downloaded Ant
Also jdk was downloaded and installed
Step 3
Then created the batch file (to set the path)
Set ANT_HOME=E:\Program Files\Java_Ant\apache-ant-1.6.5
Set JAVA_HOME=E:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_03
Set JACORB_HOME=E:\Program Files\JacORB-2.2.4
----now to configure JacORB -
In the command promt
E:\Program Files\Java_Ant\apache-ant-1.6.5>ant jaco
E:\Program Files\Java_Ant\apache-ant-1.6.5>ant idlcmd
okay that’s done
Now write the idl

--- test1.idl------
module Quoter1
//a test interface
interface Stock
double price(); //to get the quote of the stock
readonly attribute string symbol;
readonly attribute string fullname;
//interface to get the stock object
exception InvalidStockSymbol {};
//to get the desired stock object …