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Java Script Development Guidlines

The aim of the page is to give practical and widely adopted industry best practises and guidelines for all phases of JavaScript development lifecycle.All the necessary tools and frameworks like code analysis and test frameworks are already integrated to our CI system and is ready for use and is already in use by teams Part 1: Sensitizing with JavaScript languagePersons coming from other languages may not appreciate certain coding guidelines that is recommended and set in  SONAR JS Analysis and that is also checked by popular tools like JSHint and JSLint; Example the function below will return 'undefined' and not  'Hello World'.  function main() { return 'Hello, World!'; }main(); ->>return's 'undefined'  This is because in JavaScript semi columns are not mandatory and  JS will add semi colon automatically during code interpretation; So it will add a semicolon after return making the function return nothing; Such and other such quirks are pres…