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Long running Java process resource consumption monitoring , leak detection and GC tuning

For easily monitoring the JVM metrics there is no better tool than Java VisualVM or its older counterpart JConsole; These two tools comes with the Java JDK. So it is absolutely necessary that you copy a JDK version to some temp directory in which your server runs. {Make sure that you do not install the JDK / put the java executable in the path.}

Before going in JVM monitoring, it is essential to understand a little about Java's memory model.

Note - This article is written with  HotSpot JVM in mind,which is one of the most commonly used one ; implemented by OpenJDK and Oracle - formerly from Sun. This is not the only one , notable being JRockit and others; and some details would change with a different JVM.

When you are running a Java Process in a Server you allocate the Memory for the Java Virtual Machine. This memory is split to process heap { what you give withe the Xmx Xms command}where it is again subdivided on generational basis (Young, Old)  and the PermGen - which is grad…